If you expect the device to receive a message like this " Ledger Live can't be downloade (렛저라이브가 다운이 안돼요)" it is because the management of this company has not yet authorized its use

Maybe you have felt Vulnerable from the scientific universe concerning the stability of one’s cryptocurrencies? Do you want to free yourself from future hackers that enter without authorization to steal your own identity? Can you are interested in being accountable for all your crypto trades?

You’ve entered The optimal/optimally internet site of the Ledger organization, which will assist you to immediately fix your circumstance.

By inputting its own Portal, you’re going to be able to discover the brand new advanced crypto storage tendency that is revolutionizing the sphere of new virtual traders.

Ledger, was Founded in 2014, is presently enrolled, and also its own products can be accessed in more than 165 nations.

Its product Offers its clients security alternatives for its countless crypto currency transactions carried around the world.

During that Safety, will be to shield the personal keys of hackers, also with the security apparatus supplied with this company (렛저라이브 한국).

You will be certain Of your moves, and at an identical period, you will have the ability to issue, receive paymentsand manage your speeches, and assess out your accounts balances safely and faithfully.

The Ledger Company invites one to Hard Wallet Purchase (하드월렛 구매), together with all the online promotions it has at your own disposal, even through its portal site.

At the Current Time, the Firms set in your disposal that the experts of their security system which it offers, if you request help, once you get a message similar to this” Ledger Live can’t be downloaded (렛저라이브가 다운이 안돼요)” because its handling knows that its customers are new to this trend.

Get your purse Or pocket economically through the portal of the site, however should you receive a message such as that ” Ledger Live error happened (렛저라이브 오류가 발생했습니다)” enter the portal site and it’ll indicate exactly what to do. I used to not mistrust the obligation and also standing of this corporation.