Upper White River Watershed Alliance


PO Box 2065
Indianapolis, IN 46206


The Upper White River Watershed Alliance (UWRWA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 1999 through a local municipal initiative. The Alliance’s projects, partnerships, and stakeholders are defined by the geographic boundaries of the Upper White River Watershed in central Indiana – stretching from the rural areas east of Muncie, through the dense urban center of the Indy metro area, and down to the forested hills of Morgan County, covering nearly 1.7 million acres. The UWRWA is a consortium of local governments, industry leaders, consultants, universities, agriculture, and citizens in the regional community that exists to improve and protect water quality on a watershed basis. The Alliance works to realize its vision as a regional water resource leader by creating unique technical resources, educational programs, and partnerships that promote, protect, and enhance the White River ecosystem across political boundaries. New members are always welcome!