Marian University EcoLab


Marian University
3200 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222-1997


The Marian University Ecolab employs active exploration of science and hands-on stewardship of the environment to develop more and better environmental citizens.
The EcoLab is a prime destination in central Indiana for environmental science experiences, stewardship activities, and undergraduate education and research; and a recognized leader in providing standards-based, interactive, life science education experiences for Pre K-College learners at Marian University, throughout Indiana, and across the United States.
The Marian University EcoLab is also a 55-acre natural area on the campus of Marian University containing over 20 acres of high quality wetland.  This environmental jewel within an urban environment is a landscape that was designed in 1912 using all native plant materials by famed landscape architect, Jens Jensen.

•    Inquiry-based education
•    Interactive, and hands-on learning
•    Focus on exploration of environmental science, life science, and other science disciplines
•    Engaging young people to captivate their interest in science early and often
•    Community partnerships
•    Parental involvement to enhance the learning experience

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