IUPUI Construction Engineering Management Technology Program (CEMT) Purdue School of Engineering & Technology


Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
799 West Michigan Street, ET 201R
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5160

Dr. Tom Iseley, P.E.

The Construction Engineering Management Technology (CEMT) Program is housed in the Department of Engineering Technology at IUPUI. Students can earn a B.S. degree in CEMT or an MST (Master of Science in Technology) degree with a focus in CEMT. The student organization that represents CEMT is the SSC (Society for Student Constructors). SSC provides opportunities for students to participate in community projects where an impact can be made every day to improve the quality of life for people. A major priority in the CEMT program is to make sure that students are aware of the importance of water and the infrastructure systems essential in getting the water to where it is needed. (EPA estimates that over 6 billion gallons of water are lost every day through leaky pipes.) CEMT emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive water management and conservation program that includes responsibilities for the water user and water provider.

Project Site
Riverside Park