City of Indianapolis Office of Sustainability


City of Indianapolis-Office of Sustainability
200 E. Washington Street, Suite 2460
Indianapolis, IN 46204


The City of Indianapolis Office of Sustainability is the driving force behind SustainIndy, whose key action areas are: green infrastructure, energy efficiency, green building, on-street bike lanes, recycling, and urban gardening.  Green infrastructure includes a variety of methods that manage, convey, and treat storm water runoff at the local level through the use of natural systems or engineered systems that mimic natural methods. The primary goal of green infrastructure is to capture storm water where it falls so that it can be cleaned, infiltrated into the soil, and slowly released into rivers and streams. By slowing the release and reducing the amount of rain water into the sewer system, these strategies also help alleviate the problem of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). The Office has created a Sustainable Infrastructure Initiative and a rain garden program to encourage residents, businesses and institutions to design and build their own rain gardens.

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